TommyInnit is going to “war” to overtake Gordon Ramsay on TikTok

TommyInnit holding Minecraft sword at camera alongside Gordon Ramsay in chef outfitTwitter: TommyInnit/Instagram: GordonRamsay

Minecraft star TommyInnit is going to “war” with Gordon Ramsay, and he’s got a pretty interesting plan to surpass the British chef on TikTok. 

As TikTok has gotten increasingly popular over the last few years, it has become the next frontier for content creators to conquer. The video-sharing platform has created a whole host of new internet stars, but you can still find your favorite creators over there too.

Following immense success across YouTube and Twitch, TommyInnit has also built up a massive following on TikTok with over 11 million followers. However, he lags significantly behind British chef Gordon Ramsay who has more than three times the amount of followers.

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Undeterred by the massive gap, the Minecraft star is mobilizing his fans as he is going to “war” to try and catch up to the 55-year-old before long.

TommyInnit fans shocked after minecrafter claims hes homelessYouTube: TommyInnit
TommyInnit is one of the largest Minecraft content creators on Twitch and YouTube.

The YouTuber is digging deep into the age-old bag of internet tricks, as he’s making posters for people to put up wherever, all with one simple message: Follow TommyInnit on TikTok.

He’s already started putting them up around his hometown, and is promising to drop TikTok duets with the most creative placements. “We’ve gotta pass Gordon! It’s war,” he said in his rallying cry video.

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His other reason for the war is slightly tongue in cheek, as his new TikTok bio reads: “Guys we gotta pass Gordon, he’s making England look bad.”

On top of that, if TikTok isn’t really your thing, he’s also dropping retweets on his TommyInit alternate Twitter account. Though, he doesn’t want people to get too crazy and get arrested by throwing them up.

The YouTuber’s fans have already come up with a few creative ideas, one included sticking a poster to their teacher’s whiteboard so everybody in their school gets to see it.

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However, with the gap between himself and Gordon being so big – and the chef’s growth on TikTok showing no signs of slowing down – Tommy might be fighting a losing battle.

Either way though, it should produce some great content.

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