Tommy Fury calls out Jake Paul to honor handshake agreement over fight winnings

Tommy Fury Jake PaulInstagram: tommyfury

Days after his win over Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is now calling out the former YouTube star to honor a pre-fight agreement in which the stakes were raised.

After years of squabbling online, Paul and Fury finally met in the ring on February 26. While some rounds were closer than others, and one judge even saw it in favor of Paul, Fury ultimately had his hand raised after the pair went the distance.

Recording his first loss in the sport, Paul has since been plenty vocal on social media, seeking out an immediate rematch while making future opponents like KSI wait in the wings. However, despite his presence online since the fight, Paul has yet to address one particular talking point.

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In a pre-fight press conference, the younger Paul brother offered a unique wager. Should he win the bout, he’d take “everything” that he was paying Fury for the bout. However, if Fury was to win, he offered to pay “double what [he’s] paying already.”

Confident in his abilities, Fury accepted the deal without hesitation. However, while he agreed on stage, he seemingly neglected to sign proper documentation locking the deal in. The two merely shook hands on stage to seemingly make it official. Yet it appears the agreement hasn’t yet been acknowledged after the fact.

“At the end of the day, we were live on television and we shook hands, take that as how you want to take it,” Fury said a few days removed from the fight on Good Morning Britain.

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“We’re old-fashioned guys, so a handshake means everything to us, but let’s see if he honors it or not. A handshake is as good as a contract to us.”

While a full amount is unclear, given sponsors and separate bonuses factor into the equation, reports claim Fury was guaranteed $2 million USD for his base salary. For winning the fight, an extra $1 million was added on.

If Paul holds up his side of this bonus wager, that could see another $3 million going the way of Fury. But of course, there’s no telling if the internet celeb is willing to fork over the rest of the cash just yet.

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