How much did Tommy Fury make after the Jake Paul fight?

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The Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul fight has just wrapped up, with Fury taking the win in a close match, but how much did the British boxer make from the fight? 

In the hotly anticipated matchup against the two, Fury eked out a close win against YouTube star turned boxier Jake Paul. Fury won against Jake via a split decision. And unfortunately, it meant Jake Paul’s win streak has come to an end. 

The fight also brought in a massive payday for the boxer who got the win, so how much exactly did Fury win in his fight against Jake Paul? 

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How much did Tommy Fury make in his match against Jake Paul?

According to Sports Zion, Fury was paid a guaranteed $2 million as a base salary. And he would also gain 35% of the profits earned from Pay Per View streams. Additionally, he won a further $1 million as a winning bonus for the match. 

And according to Jake, he would pay an extra $500,000 from his own earnings on top of the $1 million if Fury wins. Which means, if Jake stays true to his words, Fury would earn a total of $6 million.

How much did Jake Paul make?

And while this pay check seems large, it pales in comparison to what Jake reportedly made from the fight. 

Jake was paid a guaranteed $3.2 million as a base salary. And he would receive 65% of the profits earned from Pay Per View streams. If we minus the amount he betted, he would be bagging an astonishing $8.1 million. 

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These reported payouts for both fighters would make it the most amount of money both have ever earned.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Jake earned much more than the British boxer as the YouTube superstar’s popularity is much greater than Fury’s. And due to his notoriety, this has made him one of the highest paid boxers in the world.

However, with the two competitors set to face off in a future rematch, time will tell if round 2 will bring in even more money for each fighter.

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