TinaKitten subtly roasts Hasan with classic Twitch meme and it's hilarious - Dexerto

TinaKitten subtly roasts Hasan with classic Twitch meme and it’s hilarious

Published: 10/Oct/2021 16:29

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star streamer Hasan was in Las Vegas hanging out with fellow streamers TinaKitten and Sykkuno when Tina roasted him using the oldest joke in the book.

While he’s usually cooped up, reacting to videos and debating politics, Hasan’s October 9 stream was a little different.

He took a trip out to sunny Las Vegas, Nedava, and hosted an IRL stream. And although Hasan recently said he avoids these IRL streams because they don’t get him subs the same way his typical streams do, that didn’t stop him from streaming his adventures around Vegas.

He met up with Twitch streamers and Vegas locals TinaKitten and Sykkuno, and hit up one of the most popular attractions in town.


Hasan looks annoyed during his Twitch stream.
Twitch: Hasan
It’s been revealed that Hasan made over $200,000 in September, placing him 13th in the top Twitch streamers by revenue.

TinaKitten roasts Hasan

TinaKitten and Hasan visited the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, the family-run store that the popular History Channel show Pawn Stars uses as a backdrop.

Hasan streamed him browsing the shop and it’s incredibly expensive items. Eventually, Tina came upon a statue of a bull and said: “Oh my god, he’s perfect, look at his small head! I love him.”

Tina cut herself off as she realized the Hasan small-head meme she unintentionally referenced, and Hasan took exception to it saying: “Oh, wow, WOW….”

Thankfully, Hasan didn’t take the joke too seriously even though Tina apologized over and over for the unfortunate roast.


Hasan’s head size has been mocked endlessly by fellow streamers and his fans, and at this point, he’s grown used to it.