Hasan reveals he avoids Twitch IRL streams because they “don’t get subs”

Isaac McIntyre
Hasan looks annoyed during his Twitch stream.
Twitch: Hasan

Hasan Piker has admitted he avoids IRL streams on Twitch wherever possible, instead preferring to stick to his PC setup, and it’s all for one big reason ⁠— stars broadcasting IRL “don’t get subscribers,” and can’t roll as many ads on stream during the live broadcasts.

Right now, more than a dozen Twitch stars, including xQc, Ludwig, Myth, Adept, and Hasan, are gathered in Los Angeles for a big crossover meet-up.

The event, dubbed “Sh*tcamp,” is a follow-up to popular streamer-filled getaway “Sh*tcon” earlier this year. During the four-day bonanza, stars filmed most of their holiday days playing stream games, scavenger hunts, camping, a huge kickball tournament, and plenty more.

For the most part, everyone has raved about these past “Sh*t” events, both streamers and fans, with broadcast numbers skyrocketing for the biggest stars there like Ludwig, xQc, and organizer and host QTCinderella.

At the height of the Twitch get-together, all of which was recorded in real life, Hasan dropped a bombshell: he’s not actually too fond of IRL streams.

Hasan appears on Twitch stream starring at his camera.
Twitch: HasanAbi
There’s one big reason why Hasan doesn’t like IRL streams on Twitch.

The group were waiting for the end of the third day ⁠— chock full of events like Grand Slam Breakfast, PJ Party, and the headlining Kickball tournament ⁠— when Hasan, streaming on his own account again, rolled several Twitch ads.

“I’m running an ad chat, you know the deal,” the star declared.

The deal, as it turned out, was that Hasan seemed to want to cash in on the spike in viewers he was getting from the Sh*tcamp hype. Before he ran the ads, however, he admitted he’s never been too keen on IRL streams, revealing he doesn’t plan them often because the ability to turn viewers into subscribers is lower.

“It’s top of the hour, even though it’s not. I haven’t run so many ads, [so] I’m trying to pump some out. IRL streams are fun,” he added “but they’re just not as good as the regular streams. You can’t run any f**king Twitch ads really.

The star continued: “Yeah, they [IRL streams] are interesting. No one subscribes, [IRL fans] don’t give a fuck. All those watchers don’t subscribe, ever.”

⁠The IRL streams admission wasn’t the only time Hasan touched on his dropping revenue during Sh*tcamp either. The star ⁠— who recently came under fire for buying a $2.74m house in West Hollywood ⁠— asked Ludwig at one stage if they would be “reimbursed” for the activities they’d done across the popular Twitch get-together.

Ludwig, who partially hosted with QTCinderella, confirmed they would.

QTCinderella confirmed sometime later on Reddit that all Twitch streamers involved in the event, Hasan included, would be getting refunded for whatever they had paid.

“I tried to pay for the event but the place wouldn’t take cards over the phone or email,” the organizing Twitch star wrote on Reddit on September 29. “Since I wasn’t at the event I asked Ludwig to pay but he left early so Hasan got stuck with the bill.

“I will 100% be paying him back since the stream was my idea,” she added, confirming any attending stars would be reimbursed soon enough.

A hefty handful of Twitch's top stars were involved in Shitcamp this year.
Twitter: QTCinderella
A hefty number of Twitch’s top stars were involved in Shitcamp this year.

Despite Hasan revealing that he’s not such a fan of IRL streams, it appears the whole Sh*tcamp group — Piker included — will be returning for another round of the Twitch event later in the year.

Missing this time around were Mizkif (taking a break following his breakup with Maya), Asmongold (only just back on Twitch after his extended hiatus), and could even recruit other streaming stars like Pokimane, Scarra, and Valkyrae involved too, so it’s likely to be bigger than ever next time too.

According to Sh*tCamp’s website, the Twitch group will be returning for a similar event called “Sh*tSummit” in Winter. Sh*tcon will also return in Summer.