Grimace Shake trend inventor breaks silence as it’s taken over the internet 

Alice Sjöberg
Grimace Shake trend inventor

The inventor of the controversial Grimace Shake trend on TikTok has opened up about his video going viral. He also discussed how he first came up with the idea of the bizarre trend.

The Grimace shake trend has taken the internet’s storm, much to McDonalds workers’ dismay.

The trend includes TikTokers taking a sip of their Grimace Shake and then finding themselves on the floor. Typically, they’re surrounded by a crime scene, as if the drink has poisoned them. But where did the trend start?

TikToker Fraz (@thefrazmaz) posted a video on June 14 which now has over 3.2 million views, where he wished Grimace a happy birthday and then pretended to have died after trying the drink, as the last clip showed him lying on the floor with the shake all over his mouth and on the floor.

For the caption he jokingly wrote: “R.I.P Grimace (and me)

Fraz reveals the inspiration for the Grimace Shake trend

As the trend has been making rounds on TikTok, Fraz posts another video explaining how he was inspired to create the video which now has over 10m views.

“What does this trend mean? Is the shake bad? What’s going on?” Fraz asked. “Since I am the original ‘victim’ of Grimace, it’s quite literally just a meme.”

“When I decided to make this video, I was thinking, ‘Oh this is like the Spider-Verse burger,’ it’s an unnatural color, it’s unique.”

He added: “And I saw a guy do it with the burger where he took a bite and the next scene was him in the hospital. So I was like, let’s do something similar.

“It’s just supposed to be a meme about, it’s a really weird color, it means it’s not good you, Grimace is collecting victims… It’s just funny, ya know.”

Fraz further explained in the caption: “I originally made it for a quick, funny, one-off video, and a lot of people jumped on board which honestly made it so much funnier.”