TikTok codes trend: How to express your feelings in code & what do they mean?

Alice Sjöberg
TikTok font change

One of the latest trends on TikTok includes using a numbered code system to express how they’re really feeling, such as 5391, 5102, or 1078. But what do the codes mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

New TikTok trends are constantly making an appearance on the app. It’s also good as a platform to spread new words and sayings across the globe. You can check out our breakdown of the most popular TikTok slang here.

If you mix these two together, you get TikTok’s newest trend: using secret numbered codes to express their thoughts and feelings.

It’s not uncommon to scroll through your FYP only to find a random video with a numbered code being the only thing written on them. The current most popular code is 5391, but what do these codes actually mean?

What does 5391 mean on TikTok?

If you see someone write 5391 on TikTok, they are saying: “So we’re strangers again?”

This means that the user in question has fallen out or grown apart from somebody they used to be close to and is talking about their sadness on the platform. 

What are other codes used on TikTok?

Here are many of the number codes used on TikTok and what they mean:

  • 0079 – This hurts
  • 143 – I love you
  • 0763 – You promised
  • 823 – Thinking of you
  • 1023 – It’s over
  • 1078 – I miss the old us
  • 1092 – I need to talk to you
  • 1234 – I’m dreaming of you
  • 1444 – I hate this life
  • 1502 – Happy you exist
  • 2091 – Late night call?
  • 4206 – I have feelings for you
  • 5102 – Still into you, love
  • 5291 – I’ll risk my life for you
  • 5391 – So we’re strangers again?
  • 5900 – I feel sick
  • 6302 – I’m starting to like you
  • 6690 – I want to cry
  • 6731 – I’m losing it again 
  • 7000 – I just want attention
  • 7475 – You’re perfect
  • 7537 – I know you don’t like me
  • 9100 – Sorry I hurt you

In other TikTok news, the platform is currently caught up in the so-called “Tattoogate”, where users expose tattoo artists for charging thousands of dollars more for the design process of a tattoo.

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