What is TikTok’s ‘no contact journal’ trend?

TikTok's ' no contact journal' trendTikTok; jacquiesjunkdrawer

TikTok’s ‘no contact journal’ trend is the perfect way for people to express their feelings about others — here’s what the new fad is all about.

Everyone has at least one person to whom they wish they could tell their true feelings, but circumstances like trust and honesty get in the way.

Sure, we all want to believe that our crush is crushing too, or our partner won’t cheat again, but the fact of the matter is, that the mind and heart are sometimes on different pages. 

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So for those who find themselves wishing to express their longing or heartache to a special or not-so-special someone, TikTok’s ‘no contact journal’ trend is just perfect.

TikToker found the “man of her dreams” after going “no contact” with her ex

TikTok’s ‘no contact journal’ trend gives people the opportunity to express their true feelings to people whom they are unable to speak face to face with. 

The trend began in March and was popularized in August. To date, the TikTok hashtag ‘no contact’ has reached at least 1.6 billion viewers, making it one of the most popular fads of the summer. 

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The ‘no contact journal’ trend is not only a way to free the afflicted mind, but it also creates space in the heart to heal after being hurt by someone. It also serves as a way to express feelings to someone who may have passed.

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However, there is one rule about the ‘no contact journal,’ and it’s that what is written doesn’t get revealed, as the purpose of the trend is to write to someone whom one doesn’t have contact with, whether by choice or not.

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Those who have taken part in the trend have expressed on TikTok how therapeutic the ‘no contact journal’ trend has been for them, saying, “Journaling really helps… looking back, everything indeed happened for a reason.”

Another TikToker captioned her ‘no contact journal’ video saying, “Honestly, less painful to do than reaching out.” To which someone responded, “I hate how we’re literally making no contact notes to get over them while they’re just moving on and living life as if we meant nothing.”

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One TikToker even said that they met the man of their dreams after going ‘no contact’ with their ex, while another shared how they participated in the trend, saying, “Two months of writing, voice notes, and driving around aimlessly as I vent… It’s wild.”

The ‘no contact journal’ stories could go on forever, as the trend has been highly appreciated by TikTokers who needed to express themselves about someone or something that they just can’t seem to get off their mind. 

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What’s more, people who take part in writing out their feelings can do so with pen and paper, a tech device, or even voice notes — so really, there’s no excuse for bottling up one’s feelings, as it’s free and also approved by TikTok.

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