TikTok’s Disability Pride hashtag hits 40 million views as July draws to a close

Hannah Van-de-Peer
Disability Pride Month TikTokTikTok: daddyy.dess/ludawinthesky/shelbykinsxo

Disability Pride Month has come around every July since 1990, and this year, disabled influencers have taken their self-celebration to TikTok. The hashtag has since amassed over 40 million views. As the month draws to a close, we take a look back on some of the highlights. 

Though it seems like Disability Pride Month has reached every corner of the planet, the event actually originated from Boston, USA. The first Disability Pride Month was held in 1990, after the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed by George W. Bush.

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In July 2021, the event was celebrated remotely by TikTokers worldwide. Disabled activist Destinee Faire (@daddyy.dess) and actress Amy Purdy were among those who took part.

From practicing self-love to calling out major brands, the hashtag is filled with positive vibes.

How have people used the Disability Pride TikTok hashtag?

Some of the TikTokers celebrating Disability Pride have taken the opportunity to educate others. Disability justice advocate @myelasticheart posted a video on “why Disability Pride matters.”

“In a world that demands we cure ourselves” the TikToker said, “we celebrate our disabled bodies (and) the ways in which they have kept us alive.” She goes on to explain, “our pride is a message of resistance and radical self-love.”

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Standup comedian Bodhrán Mullan gave their followers a quick-fire education on hearing aids. “Don’t shout at people wearing hearing aids,” he said. “Our hearing has become very sensitive. You’re just being mean.”

Other TikTokers have spoken openly about the lack of brand support. Brands such as H&M have previously been accused of performative activism during LGBTQ+ Pride Month. During Disability Pride, however, the silence hasn’t exactly gone unnoticed.

“Only one brand/company acknowledged it,” stated model Shelby Lynch. “When are people going to acknowledge we exist and help us with equality?”

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Fellow model and Encephalitis survivor Lucy Dawson (@ludawinthesky) said “it’s ok cos (sic) still proud AF and know which brands not to support in future.”

Others have utilized the hashtag simply to flex on everyone else. TikToker @wheelierin posted a video about being “hot,” stating her “fit goes hard.”

With each passing year, Disability Pride celebrations have become bigger and brighter. Check out the hashtag to discover some other impactful disabled TikTokers.

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