Joey Swoll destroys fitness influencer for mocking disabled student’s workout

Michael Gwilliam
joey swoll calls out i_am_mighty_fit for mocking disabled gymgoer

TikToker superstar Joey Swoll is taking on another fitness influencer for mocking the way a disabled student with special needs was working out.

Joey Swoll has made a big name for himself by calling out gymgoers for bad behavior and other antics in the fitness sphere – but on March 25 he found a clip of something that upset him to the core.

Three weeks ago, fitness influencer ‘I Am Mighty Fit’ posted a viral video to Instagram where he mocked a disabled student lifting weights by copying and mocking his movements.

The reel spread like wildfire, amassing millions of views. It wasn’t long before Joey Swoll called out his behavior, explaining that the youngster was hurt by the video.

“2.7 million likes on a video making fun of a kid with a disability – a very painful disability, for trying to work out? And all for what? Some likes and attention on social media? Seriously?” Swoll blasted.

The TikToker then noted how some kids from the boy’s school chimed in through the comments, revealing that he has special needs and was just trying to fit in.

“Seeing this go viral was very hurtful to him,” Swoll added. “They got attacked, too. I’ll probably get attacked for making this video. That’s fine, bring it. But somebody needs to stand up for this kid. ‘I Am Mighty Fit,’ you need to do better. Mind your own business. And anyone who liked and supported this video, shame on you.”

Fitness influencer won’t back down after Joey Swoll’s callout

Unfortunately for Swoll, his words backfired. I Am Mighty Fit isn’t backing down and even bragged that he’s gotten even more attention on his videos ever since Swoll called him out.

i am mighty fit responds to joey swoll
I Am Mighty Fit says Swoll’s call out backfired.

“Every action has a reaction. Thanks to Joey and his Swoll patrols viewers are booming,” I Am Mighty Fit revealed on Instagram.

In fact, the video with the kid has boomed to a whopping 64 million views on Instagram, where users continue to call out the influencer for the clip.

However, the young man may soon have a platform of his own and wants to help him out by any means necessary.

In a post on X, Swoll revealed he’s going to be speaking with the boy’s principal and see if there’s anything his community can do to help. Furthermore, he urged his followers to give him some love on his own Instagram account.