TikTokers Lauren Godwin & Sebastian Bails explain sudden breakup

Alice Hearing
TikTok stars Lauren Godwin Sebastian Bails break up
YouTube: Lauren Godwin

TikTok couple Lauren Godwin and Sebastian Bails have officially broken up, both explaining why in two separate YouTube videos on Tuesday, December 8.

Lauren and Sebastian were together for 3 years and frequently collaborated in videos together, with Lauren racking up a huge 20 million TikTok followers and Sebastian with 12 million followers.

The pair have become known for their comedy skits and playing pranks on each other or their viewers, and not without controversy, not least including the fake proposals, cheating scandals, and more to prank his girlfriend.

Sebastian recently came under fire for convincing his girlfriend that he was going into the U.S. Military. He faced a barrage of criticism from people claiming the practical joke was disrespectful to members of the armed forces and their families.

Lauren Godwin and Sebastian Bails TikTok break up
Instagram: Lauren Godwin
Sebastian and Lauren dated for three years

It would be fitting for the pair to try to convince the internet they’d broken up as another prank, but it seems as though this time it’s for real. Both Lauren and Sebastian uploaded separate videos to their YouTube channels giving details on why they’re no longer together.

While trying to hold back tears, Lauren explained that over the course of their relationship, she and Sebastian saw each other almost every day once she had moved from her hometown in Texas to Los Angeles. But in the last few months, they had started having more and more arguments, eventually resulting in a very big argument around Halloween.

Lauren then went to visit her family back in Texas and the couple didn’t speak for a while until eventually meeting back up and realizing that they had “grown to be very different people” and were no longer suited to each other. Lauren said, “We felt like we were walking on eggshells with each other…we just weren’t getting along anymore.”

Sebastian confirmed that there was no bad blood between them, adding, “I have so much respect for Lauren and seriously she kept me on my feet and she was the best person I think I’ve ever had in my life.”

Lauren also revealed that Sebastian had bought a new house, but it was in a different city which also played a small part in why they decided to call it quits.

Both creators finished by telling their followers that while they might not be making content together anymore, they will continue to be friends with each other.