TikToker’s claw hair clip gets lodged into her head after crash

Jessica Filby
Claw Clip lodged in head on TikTok

One TikToker has gone viral after sharing the devastating repercussions of wearing a claw hair clip during a crash, describing how, rather than breaking, the hair clip instead lodged itself into her head upon impact.

With just under 2 million likes at the time of writing, one TikToker, otherwise known as @paisley.rileyyy has taken to the social media platform to share the dangers of wearing a hair clip while driving in open vehicles after suffering painful injuries when the clip failed to break and lodged itself into her head.

Such a story also came with her making sure to warn viewers that “it could be very dangerous to have a hair clip or claw clip in the back of their hair” when driving. However, many viewers praised her luck after only requiring staples from the seemingly unbreakable hair clip.

Thankfully, shortly after the crash, Paisley made light of the situation, sharing a storytime of the event and laughing about how the hospital that treated her “casually handed (the clip) back to” her after taking it out and fixing the wound.

Following the warning, storytime, and video showing the clip with what can only be assumed as blood on it, many took to the comments to joke about how their hair clips usually “break when I just look at it” while others were wondering “where she brought this indestructible clip.”

Others joined her in her warning, with one Paramedic highlighting that this is not an uncommon situation and that many should be careful about what they place near them in their car and in their hair when driving.

Thankfully, despite the rather gruesome footage, Paisley is recovering well and only needed a few staples, making it clear she was lucky. However, this has initiated many removing their claw clips while in the car to ensure this doesn’t happen to them.