TikToker assaulted, diagnosed with brain tumor & run over by car on way to hospital

TikToker Actress Alli McLarenTikTok: NotAlliAlicee

TikToker and actress Alli McLaren has had a few unlucky moments, having been assaulted, diagnosed with a broken jaw and a brain tumor, and most recently she was hit by a car.

With over a billion users on TikTok, some of the most viral videos detail wild stories from creators from around the world.

Alli McLaren, recently learned this after uploading a video in January detailing the things she’s been through over the last few years.

Beginning with an assault by a homeless person in LA and ending with being hit by a car, her story has attracted almost two million views in the weeks since.

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“Unlucky” TikToker reveals the wild things she’s gone through

Alli, who moved to LA from Australia to become an actress over a decade ago, shared her story in a video on TikTok, explaining that she “can’t catch a break.”

“I was randomly walking in LA back to work and got punched in the face by a homeless person [which] broke my jaw and then I had to get jaw surgery to fix it,” she explained.

“My immune system was super weak and I ended up getting an infection and pneumonia. When I had pneumonia I was super light headed and I fell and hit my head [which] led to a brain injury.”

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Alli then revealed that the brain injury led to them discovering a tumor in her brain, and was prescribed radiation treatment to get it fully removed.

“And then when I was walking to my radiation treatment the other day at the hospital, I was in front of the hospital when I was hit by a car.”

Fans quickly flooded the comments with support for the creator and shared their thoughts on the situation. She appears to be healing just fine after the most recent accident, continuing to upload videos almost daily.

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