TikToker Dan Hamer reveals injuries after massive car accident

Dylan Horetski
Dan Hamer TikToker accident

TikToker Dan Hamer has revealed the gruesome injuries he received after a car accident. The crash resulted in his car flipping multiple times and left him with several broken bones.

On July 8, 2024, Hamer uploaded a video showing his SUV sitting in a junkyard almost completely crushed – leaving fans worried about the TikToker.

He quickly followed up with another video from the hospital, revealing that he was in the car when an accident caused him to roll the SUV several times.

“Little swollen… I’ll be okay. Thank you for your concerns. I’ll need a little time to heal up,” he said. In the video, you can see he’s visibly swollen, and his eye is black.

In a second follow-up, Hamer revealed that he had broken his jaw and three ribs. The bone around his eye was broken, which caused the bruising. While he can talk, the content creator revealed that his jaw was wired shut.

“I’ve got a few weeks of this, and once it heals we’ll be back to normal… or normal-ish,” he said.

“Praying for a swift recovery. Gonna need a lot of ice to reduce the swelling,” one user said.

Another commented, “Holy fawk brother! im glad your still alive, hoping you have a speedy recovery.”

“You are such a strong individual, the positive attitude with the humor is truly amazing, keep it up. You got this bro, quick recovery incoming!!” a third user replied.

Dan Hamer is just the latest content creator involved in a massive accident. FaZe YourRage was left with a bloody eye on July 2, 2024, after being smacked in the face with a wood-chopping axe on stream.

He updated his fans five days later, revealing that he still can’t see from the injured eye.

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