TikToker mortified after hair gets caught in electric mixer

Virginia Glaze

TikTok user Natalie went viral after her hair got caught in a hand mixer, leaving her feeling like she was going to “pass out” in a hilarious saga that caught the attention of millions of viewers.

On May 9, Natalie uploaded a video to TikTok showing herself leaning over a mixing bowl, covered in flecks of dough.

That wasn’t what caught viewers’ attention, though. In her right hand she held a hand mixer, which was completely tangled up in her blonde hair.

“My hair’s just got caught in a f*ckin’ whisk!” she cried, clearly distraught and baffled by what had happened. “F*ck me. How the f*ck do I get it out? Sh*t. It’s f*cking stuck and it hurts!”

She followed up her initial video with a follow-up clip, asking viewers for help as she winced in pain.

“What the f*ck do I do?” she pleaded. “I need to sit down. I feel like I’m gonna pass out.”

She explained to viewers that she was merely trying to make pizza when her hair got caught in the kitchen tool.

“I said to my neighbor, ‘I’m making a pizza,’ and she said, ‘Oh yeah, it sounds well nice,'” Natalie moaned. “Yeah, it f*cking is! The whisk is stuck in my f*cking hair!”

The TikToker even went live to poll her viewers for help — one of whom told her to release the whisks from the mechanism, freeing her head of the weight of the mixer.

Unfortunately, both of the whisks were still tangled in her hair, leaving her with the conundrum of having to free them without shearing off her locks. After calling emergency services, she was told they’d simply shave off her hair — something that left her quite distraught, given that she used to be a hair model.

“You know what my problem is? I need to f*cking focus on what I’m doing!” she ranted. “I’ve been crying me eyes out to my mate! …it’s alright, Nat. Calm down.”

A day later, Natalie updated viewers who were following the saga in yet another video, showing her blonde hair sheared short on one side.

“I’m laughing, but I spent all night crying,” she admitted. “I can’t cry anymore. So, I’ve had all that chopped off. I’ve still got bits of batter in it! …I’m gutted. I had really nice, long, blonde hair.”

Sympathetic viewers advised her to get a pixie cut or order cheap wigs until her hair grows back out — but most of the comments underneath her saga are pulling no punches, roasting the TikToker as she pokes fun at herself and her ‘hairy’ situation.

“I whisk you all the best,” one viewer wrote to the tune of 77,000 likes.

“I whisk my hair back and forth,” another said, earning some laughing emojis from Natalie in response.

“That style can’t be beaten,” another joked.

Natalie’s collective videos following her hair whisk saga have racked up over ten million views all told, leaving fans curious to see what she ends up doing with her hair when all is said and done.

Luckily, it seems the TikToker is taking everything in good spirits and is happy to joke about her situation despite losing a good portion of her hair after her simple pizza-making venture went south.

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