TikToker threatened by groom after exposing guest wearing white dress at wedding

Virginia Glaze

A woman on TikTok claims she received “nasty” threats from a groom after exposing a woman for wearing a white satin gown at his wedding in a viral TikTok video.

It’s wedding season — and that means drama. Although weddings are meant to be stress-free celebrations of love, they can turn into bedlams of turmoil thanks to persnickety bridezillas, jealous mothers-in-law, and attention-seeking guests.

One such guest has gone viral on TikTok and is sparking a major debate as to what attire is and is not appropriate to wear at a wedding.

While individual weddings usually boast a dress code suited to the couple at hand, it’s common knowledge that guests should avoid wearing white at all costs… especially white dresses. This is to avoid outshining the bride, who should be the center of attention on her special day.

It’s common etiquette to never wear white to a wedding so as not to upstage the bride.

Woman under fire for wearing white satin gown to wedding

Well, it looks like one wedding guest didn’t get the memo, and she’s going viral due to her choice of attire.

On July 4, Ukrainian TikToker Kristina Drobach re-uploaded a previously deleted clip from a wedding she’d attended in Malibu, showing one of the guests wearing a white, satin, two-piece ensemble that looks shockingly like a wedding dress.

Her video instantly went viral, racking up a reported 20 million views before being deleted. Its re-uploaded version has garnered nearly a million views in just two days.

Drobach uploaded a follow-up video a short time later, where she explained the situation in greater detail. Apparently, the woman’s dress had become quite the topic of conversation at the wedding — and many guests (and even venue staff) had confused her for the bride before the bride herself was able to make her grand entrance.

“The bride was extremely upset, because she saw this lady wearing a gown even before her official walk to the altar,” Drobach said.

That’s not all; the woman was allegedly a friend of the groom’s, and since no one wanted to ruin the mood of the evening, nothing was said to her at the time. However, that all changed after Drobach uploaded her viral video, which ended up getting the groom’s attention.

“The groom sent me three voice messages with direct threats,” she explained. “Like, absolutely disgusting, nasty messages.”

Commenters split after woman wears white dress at wedding

Luckily, it looks like things have died down since then — but the entire fiasco has sparked quite a conversation online, with many users debating proper wedding attire in the comments.

“Honestly it doesn’t even outshine the bride,” one viewer argued. “It looks like a regular two-piece set. Not a big deal.”

“This dress doesn’t compare to a wedding dress!” another said.

“Even if you read the vibe wrong, it’s the material for me, too,” a commenter replied.

“So… no one had red wine?” another commenter suggested.

This is just the latest wedding drama to take over TikTok after a couple’s grand entrance at their ceremony was totally “ruined” by a troop of kids cutting in front of them.

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