TikToker starts “war” after catching friend’s husband with pregnant woman

TikToker catches friend's husband cheating with pregnant womanTIKTOK: chacdvale

A TikToker went viral after sharing how she caught her friend’s husband cuddling up to a pregnant woman at a hospital.

Content creator Chakera Henry took to TikTok to explain how she caught the married man apparently cheating in a hospital, and immediately called his wife to come see for herself. 

“As I entered the hospital, I saw my friend’s husband with a lady who’s pregnant,” she recalled in a viral video that has amassed over 13.3 million views. “It kind of looked strange, I was watching what was going on and then I realized he was hugging up on the person.”

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The TikToker said that she walked over to the man and asked how her friend was doing, but the husband refused to admit he had a wife at home.

“He said, ‘Who?’ And I said, ‘Your wife.’ He looked at me strangely and said, ‘I am not married,’” she recalled.

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Chakera was shocked, explaining that she attended his wedding, went to the married couple’s house, and recently attended church with the pair. 

The man’s denial of his marriage led the TikToker to believe that he is the father of the pregnant woman’s unborn child, so she called her friend to head to the hospital.

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“My dear, World War 2 will happen here because our secret about to bust out of here,” she said. “It’s gonna be something.”

Viewers react to TikToker catching friend’s husband with pregnant woman

Viewers on TikTok rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the drama.

“You are a good friend… As soon as he said not married. No hesitation… good u told her,” someone commented.

“Thank you for calling the wife!! If this was my guy, I’d want to know if he was doing this!” another user wrote.

“That’s a real friend. For the rest of you saying not to tell or say anything YOU WRONG would you want your husband there with a pregnant woman?” a third user shared.

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Other commenters were desperate for an update on the messy situation, which the TikToker has yet to give.