TikToker shocks viewers after uploading video of Apple Store robbery

Dylan Horetski
Apple Store TikTok robbery

A TikToker has left viewers shocked after uploading a video of two men actively stealing phones from an Apple store.

With over one-billion monthly users on TikTok, there’s no telling what is going to get uploaded to the popular app on any given day.

From a TikToker asking his date to pay him back for Chipotle to a Gamestop employee explaining that a customer pooped on the floor, the stories on the app can get pretty wild.

But what about someone recording a store robbery as it happened? TikToker LifeofGolden did just that, leaving viewers shocked.

TikToker shocks viewers with Apple store robbery

Uploaded on September 26, Lifeofgolden’s video has been viewed nearly two million times. The video shows two men in masks and hooded sweatshirts stealing iPhones from the display tables.

“OMG guys, this just happened at the Apple Store at Irvine Spectrum,” she said.

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their takes on the shocking situation.

“What is happening to us as a society?” One user commented.

Another user replied: “Why are they allowing it? Where is the security guard?”

Many people have also commented that phones are essentially useless to thieves and that intervening with robberies is against the policy of most phone companies.

Someone commented: “As someone who’s worked in wireless sales for years I can attest that those phones are glorified paperweights. They have no use whatsoever.”

Another said: “I’ve worked in wireless sales and intervening with robberies is against policy and for your own good. The goal is to comply and let them leave asap.”

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