TikToker asks date to pay back for Chipotle as there won’t be second date

Kawter Abed
TikToker asks date to pay back for Chipotle

A TikToker went viral after asking his Hinge date to pay him back for her Chipotle order since they won’t be going on a second date.

Content creator, Elijah, known on TikTok as Big E the Insurance Guy, shared a video of him calling a girl he went on a date to Chipotle with, asking her to Venmo him the amount of her meal.

“This past weekend I went on a Hinge date to Chipotle and I paid for this girl’s burrito,” Elijah said in the viral video with over 393,000 views. “She got steak and guac in it, but we’re not going on a second date so I’m gonna call her and see if she will pay me back for it.”

Elijah then called the date and recorded the audio for his 90,000 followers.

“Hey Lucy, Elijah from Goodman Family Insurance and Chipotle this past Saturday. How’re you doing?” he asked after she picked up the phone.

“So listen, I was thinking about this past weekend, and when we went to Chipotle, I paid for your burrito which you got steak and guac for which, you know, is fine,” he said.

He continued, “but since we established we’re not going on a second date, I was wondering if maybe I could text you my Venmo and you could just kinda pay me back for that meal.”

Elijah then pulls out the receipt, while Lucy says, “Uhh, yeah, I mean I guess.”

“Appreciate it Lucy. Yours was roughly like $13 — it was a little over that but I’m cool with 13,” he said reading the receipt. “OK, yeah I guess I can do that,” she concluded.

“Awesome, I’ll Venmo…I’ll text you my Venmo now,” Elijah said, before thanking her and ending the call.

Viewers divided over TikToker asking date to pay back for Chipotle

In the comments section of the video, he added, “I’m not proud of this but money is tight right now.” TikTok users had mixed responses in the comments, with some believing it was all a joke.

“Probably will be a second date now after she saw you were in fact a decision maker,” one person joked. “Cost of doing business brother. Write it off,” another quipped.

“Bro got a refund,” a user commented. “There hasn’t been a second date in his lifetime,” someone else wrote.

Others were unsure what to believe, hoping Elijah’s situation wasn’t real.

“Please tell me I’m dreaming … please,” one person wrote. “No way he did this,” another commented.

“Can someone tell me if the other people are in on this or if it’s real? I genuinely can’t tell lol,” a third user wrote.

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone’s been asked to pay back for their meal after a failed first date. Earlier this month, a TikToker went viral after her date sent her an invoice for £28 to cover the cost of her meal.

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