GameStop worker mortified after customer poops in store on her first day

GameStop worker mortified as customer poops in storeTIKTOK: skylaraynesgrayy/WIKIMEDIA: MICHAEL RIVERA

A former GameStop worker went viral on TikTok after revealing that an adult customer pooped in store on her first day on the job.

In the TikTok video, content creator Skyla Raynes Gray said a mother and her child came into GameStop to return an item on her first day of work.

“She comes in with this really, really gross Xbox,” she said. “She puts it on my counter and she says, ‘Hey, I bought this here and it doesn’t work.’”

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The mother apparently bought the Xbox over a year prior to their exchange and didn’t have the receipt, but she did purchase the insurance. The TikToker admitted that she didn’t know how to do an insurance exchange since it was her first day, so it took her a while to figure it out. 

The woman’s kid would then start running around, spinning the gift card rack, and throwing game boxes on the floor, Skyla recalled.

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GameStop worker details poop incident

Once she started the process of exchanging the Xbox, she said the store started smelling like poop. She initially assumed that the kid had a full diaper. “The kid is trashing the store, and the smell is just so nauseating,” she said.

When one of her coworkers arrived and took over the transaction, she ran to the back of the GameStop and threw up. But she went back inside, the woman turned around to leave. 

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“There was a foot-long poop stain, going from the back of her shirt, down to the back of her pants,” Skyla said. “It was not her child’s diaper. It was her.”

She said the mother and her child left without cleaning up the mess, and it took 30 minutes for the store to stop smelling like poop. She called the incident “alarming.”

TikTok react to adult customer pooping in GameStop

Some TikTok users in the comments sympathized with the customer.

“Just wanna point out that there are some medical conditions where you can’t control it. She might’ve not known,” one user wrote.

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“Not to take her side but some people don’t have feeling, so they have no idea they soiled themselves,” another shared.

A few users, however, were concerned for the child.

“CPS probably should’ve gotten involved with that situation,” one person commented. “Please tell me you called Child Services!” another added.

Others shared their own poop-related work horror stories.

“I worked at a grocery store and a man sh*t himself in the store and just kept walking around,” one claimed.

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“I worked at a camera shop and a dude ran into the shop and sh*t everywhere. He still wanted to buy a camera flash when his pants had a sh*t stain,” someone else shared.

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