TikToker shares horrific breastfeeding accident: “My nipple fell off”

TikToker brookesobasicTikTok: Brookesobasic/Unsplash: Eyestetix

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing a horrific breastfeeding accident that happened when she was 15, saying that her nipple fell off into her baby’s mouth while feeding.

After having a baby, there are countless things that happen to your body that you’ll probably never hear about without reading books from other moms, your doctor told you to watch out for it, or it just… happens.

Brook, who goes by the name Brookesobasic on TikTok, learned that the hard way after giving birth to her child.

In a viral video, she revealed a horrific story where she explained that her nipple fell off of her body and into her baby’s mouth while breastfeeding, nearly choking it.

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TikToker goes viral after explaining her nipple fell off

In the harrowing TikTok video, Brooke explained that she started to notice that her nipple was beginning to turn black at the base and white at the tip, which she now knows as a signal for bad blood flow.

She was feeding her son when all of a sudden he stopped. Brooke revealed: “I look down, and he’s kind of choking. My nipple broke off and he had it in his mouth.

“Luckily I was with my mom and my sister, and they’re like ‘hurry, let’s get the nipple and put it back on.’ So I took the nipple, rinsed it off, and put it back on [with a bandaid]”

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts about her situation.

One user asked: “The way my jaw dropped. Did it not hurt that much anymore or what?”

“The fact that you were even able to grab it and wash it off. I would be on the floor,” another replied.

A third viewer said: “These stories always find me when I’m paranoid and pregnant.”

While she said that she’s okay now, it’s clear that her story shocked quite a few TikTok viewers and should serve as an important lesson for new mothers.