TikToker Sabrina Prater posts emotional video after viral “serial killer” accusations

Jacob Hale
TikTok Sabrina Prater dancing

TikToker Sabrina Prater has posted a response video after a number of wild accusations went viral, including referring to her as a “serial killer” among other things.

Sabrina Prater has picked up over 300k followers on TikTok, but has become the target for some wild conspiracy theories as a number of their videos went viral.

Some viewers have accused Sabrina of being a serial killer or abducting young girls because of grainy footage in the background of their TikTok videos.

With security cameras apparently “exposing” the abducted or imprisoned people, the videos went viral and quickly became a huge concern among TikTok users.

After days of speculation and rumors running rampant across TikTok and social media, Sabrina posted an emotional video, denying the accusations and begging for more support.

In a TikTok post which has since been deleted, Sabrina said: “I didn’t do nothing wrong. Anybody that can see my Live knows I didn’t do nothing wrong. I’m not covering up, not music, I’m not dancing, not nothing. I didn’t do nothing wrong.

“You guys have got to stand up for me, because I’m being wronged. I didn’t do nothing wrong. I’m sick of being hurt by this — I’m just like anybody else. I want to be loved and accepted, man. I’m getting treated worse than anybody else coming out like me.

Sabrina went on to say: “I get violated for sexual content, nudity, and there’s none of that going on. I didn’t do none of that. F**king… Somebody help me, please, because I’m being wronged.”

The TikToker was clearly distressed about possible TikTok content violations and some of the rumors that have besmirched their name throughout November 2021. Whether this spells the end for Sabrina’s torment, though, remains to be seen.

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