TikToker quits Victoria’s Secret job after finding poop in fitting room

TikToker quits Victoria’s Secret after finding poopTikTok: laubsterz/Wikimedia: Rowanlovescars

A TikToker had to quit her job at Victoria’s Secret after finding human poop in one of the store’s fitting rooms.

While participating in TikTok‘s viral ‘one thing about me’ trend, content creator Rachel shared her crazy experience working at a Victoria’s Secret store.

In a viral video with over 3.3 million views, she revealed that she previously worked at Victoria’s Secret for three years and ended up quitting soon after the incident took place.

Rachel explained that it was a Saturday and the store was busy. She escorted one customer to a fitting room to try on a hodgepodge of sports bra. When the customer finished, she exited and left all the bras in the fitting room.

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TikToker finds poop in Victoria’s Secret fitting room

The TikToker then went in the fitting room to clean up. “The sports bras are all over the floor,” she said adding “I bend down to grab one, but I end up touching something else.”

“It ended up being the biggest piece of poop I had ever seen,” she shared, “and I had just touched it with my hands.”

After informing her manager, she ended up cleaning it up and returned to the sales floor. The pooper, however, escaped without facing any consequences

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In a follow-up video, Rachel actually shows a photo of the human feces (viewers’ discretion is advised.)

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She clarifies that the poop incident wasn’t the main reason she quit, but it was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” The TikToker admits that she left to accept a tech internship, but insist Victoria’s Secret is a great place to work at.

In the comments, other Victoria’s Secret workers confirmed that they also dealt with customers who used their stores to defecate.

“I worked at VS too and THAT SAME THING HAPPENED AT MY STORE,” one commented. “Absolutely had this happen to me more times than I wish,” another added.

“LMFAO I worked there too and someone pooped in our fitting room tshirts and shoved it on the mirror,” someone else shared.

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