TikToker pops off on Walmart manager after being “wrongfully” fired

Connor Bennett

A TikToker has gone viral after popping at their former manager for firing her from Walmart, and she’s got a fair bit of support from others in similar situations.

While it started out as a place to share new dance routines, lipsync to songs, and even show off art projects, TikTok has become the go-to video-sharing platform for many social media users.

Take a few scrolls through your For You Page and it won’t be long before you stumble upon someone airing their frustrations about something that has happened to them – be it at work, in a game, or at school.

In the case of DiaryOfAWimpyLayna, the TikToker has gone viral for taking a few shots at her manager at Walmart who apparently fired her “wrongfully” despite putting in some pretty big work on a display.

TikToker goes viral after getting fired from Walmart

The TikToker posted the video on October 9, first showing viewers the moment where she was “terminated” from the role. “Y’all f**king ridiculous, hell no,” she told her boss immediately after.

From there, the former Walmart employee set about tearing apart a display for jeans that she had apparently spent “over 3 hours” working on. She ultimately exited the store, but not before leaving one last message for her former colleagues. “F*ck you Lisa!” she yelled before walking out.

The video has picked up close to 50,000 views, which is quite the number compared to the TikToker’s usual posts. As it’s picked up steam, so too has the support for her in the comments section.

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“This is the third video today that I’ve seen someone fired from Walmart what is going on there omg,” said one viewer. “I was about to say why destroy the store but the reasoning is 100% valid,” added another. “Happens to the best ones, I was one of them too,” commented another.

Seeing as the TikToker recorded further conversations about her exit, some viewers are desperate for an extended story. Though, who knows if there will be a follow-up.