TikToker NoahGlenCarter hits back at people joking about his house burning down

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TikToker NoahGlenCarter has hit back at people in his comments who he says were making jokes about his childhood home burning down.

On November 27, 2023, NoahGlenCarter revealed in a series of videos on his TikTok page that his childhood home had burned to the ground.

While most of his comments were nothing but love and support for the TikTok news reporter, some unsavory comments were made by others.

In his latest video, Noah hit back at the people leaving “terrible” comments that he says include people calling it fake or staged.

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NoahGlenCarter hits back at “evil” comments

While obviously distraught, Noah uploaded the clip just a day after the heartbreaking fire.

“I keep seeing some pretty terrible comments about people either joking about the fire or saying it’s fake, whatever like that,” he said. “I don’t think you guys actually realize that I lost everything yesterday. I lost my car keys in the fire, so I have a car but I can’t even drive it.”

Noah also explained that he lost his driver’s license and other important documents, and most importantly he and his parents lost the home they grew up together in.

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He went on to address the comments directly. “All these people that are saying these disgusting, horrible things about me right now… I really hope that y’all don’t ever have anything like this happen to you. If you do, you’ll realize just how horrible it is to go through this and how evil the things you’re saying actually are,” he said.

“I would not wish [this] on anyone, even the people saying despicable things about me and my family right now.”

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The TikTok star also revealed that all of the money raised via the GoFundMe that he started will go straight to his parents as well as money out of his savings once he can get access to it again.

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