TikToker mortified after stranger hits on her with ‘creepy’ in-flight DMs

Kawter Abed
TikToker receives creepy in-flight DMs

A TikToker was left mortified after a fellow passenger tried to chat her up on an airplane with ‘creepy’ in-flight DMs.

Earlier this year, a TikToker shared an “awkward” encounter with a flight passenger who flirted with her via the plane’s onboard messaging system. Unfortunately, a fellow content creator was recently met with a similar situation.

Georgia-May Davis went viral on the social media platform after revealing a series of messages she received from a stranger via her plane’s seat screen.

“There’s no way this happened on my flight” the text on her video read, as she shared the intrusive messages from a fellow passenger in the viral clip that’s amassed 3.2 million views.

The passenger named ‘Chad’ started off by messaging her “how are you?”

When Georgia responded to the message politely, he quickly became presumptuous as he asked her “Where u stayin” in his next message, followed by “Im tryna hit.”

The video then cuts to the TikToker looking shocked, with video text overlay that read “SHUT UP.” Caught off-guard by the stranger’s messages, she replies “What!”

‘Chad’ then proceeds to message her “prolly come say hey I8.” After that, she finally blocks him.

TikTok reacts to stranger’s intrusive in-flight messages

The comment section under the viral video was filled with people who were creeped out by the messages.

“Who does this on a plane? So creepy” one user wrote.

“I would feel so trapped” another user added.

“Oh yay another thing to worry about when traveling alone” a third person commented.

Others accused the TikToker of faking the video, as her ex-boyfriend was named Chad.

“Why did u stage this with someone ur flying with tho” one user asked.

“We all know it’s the person next to you lmao”

However, Georgia assured the commenters that the incident was real, by responding “My ex-boyfriend was called ‘Chad’ so trust me when I say it wasn’t” and “You can’t make this stuff up.”

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