TikToker goes viral with “awkward” mid-flight flirting story

Sam Comrie
an image of tiktoker ufosteph

A TikToker went viral for sharing her unique encounter as a flight passenger attempted to flirt with her via the plane’s onboard messaging system.

TikTok might be a hub for the stranger stories of the internet, but there is a chance for romance to blossom there too. TikToker ufosteph thought she was just jetting off on a normal holiday before the passenger next to her requested to chat via the plane’s seatback messaging system.

The TikToker documented her story as the interaction began to get increasingly awkward, and the internet is pretty split about the whole thing.

an image of tiktoker ufosteph
The TikToker, @ufosteph, expected a fairly normal flight.

TikToker explains “awkward” flirting attempt with flight passenger

Onboard her Aeromexico flight, TikToker ufosteph captured the failed attempt of a passenger flirting with her. Captioning the video “it was so awkward”, she added more context to the encounter in the comments: “I didn’t reply/accept because he was sitting in the row in front of me.”

The TikToker continued, saying in the video: “I turned off the screen to avoid interacting.

“He had tried to talk to me prior and after did this… so not about the seat rather I just wasn’t interested and just wanted to watch my movie.”

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It isn’t just Steph’s story that is causing a stir in the comments, though, as TikToker users have become puzzled by the messaging system itself.

One TikTok commenter said: “Is this a thing now? At least airdropping had an element of anonymity to it.”Another added: “Whaaaaat you can chat on airplanes now?! What in the reality show is that?!”

Other TikToker commenters have reacted more negatively too, with @Ella_Unusual saying: “I literally just want to be left alone. What airline is this so I can avoid it.”

Aeromexico has included a free messaging system to passengers since 1994, as part of their partnership with Delta Air Lines.

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