TikToker misses her own proposal after wanting a better photo angle

TikToker misses her own proposal after wanting a better photo angleTIKTOK: couplecam

A TikToker went viral after missing her own marriage proposal because she wanted a better photo angle.

In a TikTok video with over 4.4. million views, the woman shared the moment she missed her boyfriend’s proposal because she was too focused on getting a photo of them together. 

“POV: You just wanted a fit pic and boyfriend tries to propose, but you need to check the waiter’s angles,” reads the on-screen caption to the viral clip.

The embarrassing moment occurred when Monica and Andrew (couplecam) were at a restaurant, and got a waiter to take some pictures of them as the two were dressed up.

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Little did Monica know, the couple were dressed for an occasion, as Andrew had an engagement ring box by his side, before holding it up and opening it to reveal the rock.

During the seven-second clip, Monica can be heard telling the server she needed “flash” for the photos, to which Andrew quips “is this flashy” while brandishing the rock. Unfortunately, his girlfriend didn’t notice that he’d proposed, as she was too preoccupied with the camera angle.

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The video ends with the clueless bride-to-be walking toward the camera while Andrew tries to get her to notice the ring.

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Monica appeared to be mortified over interrupting the big moment, as she wrote in the caption, “IM SO SORRY LMAOOOO.”

TikTok users react to woman missing her own proposal

In the comment section, TikTok users were highly entertained by the botched marriage proposal.

“Noooo this is hilarious,” one user wrote.

“This is like the equivalent of when I try to say something in a group convo and no one hears me,” another added.

“Imagine he fumbled and didn’t go through with it and she just sees this in her Live Photo,” a third commented.

Best proposal line ever,” someone else quipped.

In a follow-up video, Andrew can be seen holding Monica’s hand, which now bears the engagement ring. “You think that’s flashy enough?” he joked, in a callback to his line in the viral video.

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