TikToker LadyDrivah 2.0 dies: Friends pay tribute after her passing

Dylan Horetski
tiktoker ladydriver2.0 has passed away

TikTok trucker LadyDrivah2.0 has passed away, according to her friends on the app. As soon as the news started to get out, fellow truckers started to pay tribute to her. 

The short-form video app began as a place to show your creative side with dance moves, songs, and art getting plenty of love. These days, however, it has grown to provide communities for all kinds of different people.

One of those communities involves commercial truck drivers — those with a semi-tractor hooked to a trailer hauling product across the world.

TikToker LadyDrivah2.0 was one of the truckers in the tight-knit community, with her profile stating that she called Florida home. Now, friends and fans are showing their love for the creator after finding out about her sudden passing.

TikTok trucker LadyDrivah 2.0 passes away

According to a video on her account dated October 31, Lady was in a relationship and leaves behind an adorable puppy named Tank.

As soon as news broke about her passing, her friends and fans took to TikTok to pay tribute to the fallen trucker. Fellow trucker and friend ‘the_double_t’ did a heart-breaking last call for the creator on his CB radio which is used to contact other truckers on the road. He started his call with: “How about ya LadyDrivah, come on.”

However, knowing there would be no answer he quickly called out: “Negative contact. Drivers, we have lost an angel of the highway today.”

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Truck-driving TikToker ‘pissed_off_truckah’ shared a heartwarming story about his love for Lady, while also joking about how he was terrified of her.

As a tribute, he’s also called for truckers to drive with their lights on all day to pay tribute.

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Ladydrivah’s cause of death is unknown at the time of writing, with the only information available being that she was found inside of her truck. Regardless, the love from her friends and family has shown that she will always be remembered.

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