Starbucks customer called out for oversharing to unsuspecting drive-thru worker

Meera Jacka
Starbucks customer called out for oversharing to unsuspecting drive-thru workerTikTok: chin_up_sunshine_

A TikToker hoping for “more kindness” has instead been called out for oversharing after telling a personal story to an unsuspecting Starbucks employee.

September 25 is The National Day of Remembrance for homicide victims, honoring those who lost their lives and advocating for surviving loved ones.

Commemorating her late husband, one TikToker decided to pay for another customer’s order at a Starbucks drive-thru in a gesture of kindness.

However, her approach resulted in backlash as viewers called out the TikToker for “trauma-dumping” on the unsuspecting employee.

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With her TikTok account, ‘chin_up_sunshine_’, dedicated to “changing lives”, Lisa Mia left the internet divided after a seemingly well-intentioned trip to Starbucks.

Reaching the window of the drive-thru, Lisa told the employee she would like to pay for the order of the car behind her as well.

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“Today is National Day of Remembrance for homicide victims and my husband was brutally killed, so I just wanted to give some love today,” she said.

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Lisa also told the young barista that someone she had lost was watching over her, saying, “She’s watching you all the time and she loves you.”

While some viewers were touched by the TikToker’s actions, many felt she had overshared and called Lisa out for “trauma-dumping.”

“I’m so sorry and can’t imagine what that’s like. But do not do that to literal strangers while they’re working,” one person wrote. Another said, “Absolutely not the time or place.”

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