TikToker in tears after users “make fun of Jesus” with viral sound clip

Virginia Glaze

A woman tearfully begged TikTok users to stop “making fun of Jesus” with a viral sound clip that’s become extremely popular on the app.

TikTok is known for kicking off the occasional viral fad or two. From the Grimace Shake craze to the Barbie Feet fad and more, it seems like TikTok is spawning a new trend every other day.

However, not every user is happy with some of these fads… and the app’s latest popular song is even bringing one woman to tears.

Over the past few months, users on TikTok have been obsessed with a song by girl group Flyana Boss called ‘You Wish.’

The song contains a lyric that says: “Hello Christ? I’m ’bout to sin again / I said I love you to that man, but I’m not feelin’ him.”

TikToker tearfully begs people to stop using Flyanaboss’s ‘You Wish’ song

Thus far, the song has been used in over 148 thousand videos on TikTok as users can’t get enough of the track’s catchy beat and creative wordplay — but one woman is begging TikTokers to stop using the song.

TikTok user Gio Souza is going viral after uploading a tearful video asking people not to use the song in their videos, claiming the track is “making fun of Jesus.”

“I can’t anymore, with people making fun of Jesus,” the woman said. “That song that everyone has heard — the one, ‘Hello Christ, I’m ’bout to sin again’ — it keeps coming up on my For You Page, and I can’t!”

“Jesus does not deserve this,” she continued. “The fact that people think that song is good makes me so angry. People are so lost. People are making fun of Him and mocking Him and using Him for likes. Just stop!”

Commenters were left gobsmacked, with some even wondering if her spiel was genuine. In response to one viewer, Souza claimed that her video was, indeed, real.

“Babe, not everyone believes in the same things as you,” one user wrote in response to the video.

“It’s just a song babe, chill,” another said.

However, other TikTokers are sharing Souza’s sentiments, with one calling the song “disgusting” for “mocking” Christianity.

This is just the latest debate to take over TikTok after a landlord sparked a major online conversation for charging his tenants an expensive cleaning fee when they wrecked their apartment after being evicted.

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