Woman faces backlash on TikTok over her answer to question about ending world hunger

TikToker interviews woman on streetTikTok: nate_roscoe

A woman is facing backlash after a TikToker asked her if she would use a racist slur in order to end world hunger.

The social media platform TikTok always has countless viral trends taking off. Some only last for a few weeks while others have been popular for years. One such trend involves creators walking up to strangers with a microphone and a camera to then ask them random questions about any topic you could think of.

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The purpose of the videos is not only for entertainment, but also to open up discussions about what people would do in certain situations.

In a recent trending video, TikToker @nate_roscoe, real name is Nathan Roscoe, asked a woman if she would say a certain racist word to make the world a better place.

Why is the woman getting backlash?

In the video, Nathan is doing street interviews and is seen walking up to a random woman on the street and asks her if she would “say the N-word” to end world hunger.

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At first, the woman replied that she would not say the word but soon changed her answer to say that she would create a poll and ask people for their permission before saying the word.

Nathan went on to say that the world’s hungry would definitely give her permission.

The woman quickly replied: “No, no, it can’t be the hungry people. It’s got to be the people who would be affected by it, the word.”

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“So the hungry people are pretty affected by it cause a lot of hungry people are from Africa and they tend to be black” Nathan said.

The woman replied: “Yeah, you know, it’s social media so I can’t give you a solid answer.”

Viewers quick got into debates in the comments, with a majority not agreeing with the woman’s answer.

One person commented: “How is that a hard decision. I don’t use it ever but if that was the prize literally anyone would do it.”

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“Only in America,” another said.

However, some people also defended the woman in question, explaining how she’s just trying not to get “canceled” online.

One person commented: “Y’all dragging her like she literally said it’s for social media so she can’t give and answer, she’s just trying not to get canceled and you take it [for real]?”

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