TikToker goes viral revealing wild wedding story about leaving fiancé for best man

Sam Comrie
An image of tik tok user desiree white

TikTok user Desiree White has found herself thrust into the spotlight after a video revealed the best man at her wedding declared his love for her, prompting her to leave her soon-to-be husband. 

There have been plenty of whirlwind stories on the viral video platform TikTok. In the case of user Desiree White, her enthralling story of unrequited love has swept up heaps of viewers looking for romance of their own.

Her wedding day was set to be like any other, but after the best man declared his love for White, things took a drastic turn.

an image of tiktok user desiree white
Desiree’s story is quite the tale.

Desiree White leaves husband for best man after surprise speech

According to her TikTok story, her wedding day changed considerably, as Desiree explained that “during his best man speech, he professed his love for me in front of everyone at my reception.”

In an interview with the New York Post, White recalled best man Bryan White’s speech: “I remember the first moment I saw Desiree, I loved her. I fell in love with her. I knew she had to be mine. I thought she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I found out she already had a boyfriend and I thought I needed to find out a way to get her… love you both, congratulations,” Bryant added.

Naturally, Desiree’s ex could do nothing but be completely blown away by the revelation.

Since recalling the story on TikTok, captioned ‘we still make fun of him for it,’ over 600,000 viewers are hoping to see the speech in full.

Bryant himself has commented on the post, saying “Crazy is for certain… but extremely happy with my gorgeous wife with 11 years and 4 beautiful healthy boys and would do it all again.. you betchya!”

However, not everyone has taken Bryant’s side, with one user commenting “well that’s not a friend at all.”

The full speech has yet to be released, but we’re sure it’ll see the light of day given all the interest.

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