TikToker goes viral after finding follower who ghosted them years ago

Lawrence Scotti
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TikTok user bagofjoe went viral after responding to a viewer who commented on their video saying their face “looked familiar,” revealing the commentor was a girl that ghosted him years ago.

TikTok has become so ubiquitous that it can feel like every person you know, past and present, is constantly scrolling the never-ending loop of videos available in the app.

While users can go viral on the app for a number of reasons, occasionally users get viewers for having an unexpected encounter with somebody that they actually know in real life.

For Joe, a TikToker with over 19k followers, he ran into someone from his past he wasn’t exactly expecting.

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TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps.

TikToker finds girl who ghosted him

In a video posted on April 2, Joe responded to a comment on his video which read: “You’re from Vine right? Your face is so familiar omg.”

He responded to the comment with a video where he revealed the truth of why the follower recognized him. “You’re not gonna like my answer, there is a reason that my face is so familiar, it’s because you stood me up on a date four years ago. So, uh, sorry!” he said.

The awkward response instantly went viral, getting over 340k views in under a day.

The comment section was flooded with followers shocked at the unlikely encounter.

Joe responded to hundreds of comments, “Don’t dunk on her TOO hard. I was pretty cringe back then, standing me up was probably the best way to avoid immature manlet Joe,” hr wrote.

The user who posted the original comment, liumellie, has yet to react to Joe’s video response.

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