TikToker Francis Bourgeois gives Louis Theroux new reason for using fake name

Francis Bourgeois and Louis Theroux outside train station smiling covered in rainYouTube: BBC/Louis Theroux

TikTok star Francis Bourgeois has told Louis Theroux why he uses a pseudonym on social media rather than his real name, and it’s a slightly different answer than before. 

If you’ve spent enough time on TikTok over the past year or so, you’ve very likely come across a post or two from Francis Bourgeois – TikTok’s resident trainspotter from the UK. 

The TikToker shot to popularity with his videos from train stations around the South of England as he, joyfully, displayed his love of trains for millions of fans. He’s an expert in all things locomotive, but his name isn’t actually Francis. 

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His real name, as some have discovered, is Luke Nicolson, and he’s previously explained that he started to use a pseudonym in university when applying for placements – seeing as potential employees wouldn’t be looking up his real name. Well, he’s now got a somewhat new answer. 

Francis Bourgeois tells Louis Theroux why he uses a fake name 

The TikTok star was a part of the new season of Louis Theroux interviews on BBC, where they talked about one of Francis’ other loves – scooting. 

During a bit of downtime, the iconic interviewer quizzed him on why he going by the name Francis even though plenty of people know him as Luke. “Through my experience in school, I knew that the perception of trainspotting at the time wasn’t cool and I’d never shown my friends that side of me,” he said. 

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“So, in using a pseudonym, I was able to feel a bit more protected and that’s why I just let these videos go.” 

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The Brit also added that why he isn’t playing a “character” for his videos, and his love of trains is authentic, the name has a bit more of a “ring to it” than Luke Nicolson. 

His success has been pretty meteoric, and he’s even gotten his own TV show off the back of it where, of course, trainspotting is involved. So, the Francis Bourgious name isn’t going away anytime soon.