TikToker claims Kick “stole” his videos to promote platform

Dylan Horetski
Kick Streaming Veoko

A TikToker by the name of VVeoko is claiming that Kick “stole” his videos to promote their live streaming platform.

Launched back in late 2022 with TrainwrecksTV at the helm, Kick’s popularity has skyrocketed, with various Twitch stars deciding to turn to the green-themed platform.

The site largely kicked off thanks to their 95/5 sub revenue split, giving creators more money for each viewer subscribed to them.

In a conversation with Dexerto, VVeoko revealed was considering Kick as an option for his live streams — that is, until they “stole” his TikTok videos.

TiKToker says Kick “stole” his videos

In a tweet on May 26, Veoko called out Kick for using his content “without contacting me a single time.”

“Wild that Kick would steal my video and re-upload it without contacting me a single time, especially using it to run ads and promote their site completely without my permission,” he said.

In screenshots accompanying the tweet, you can see his video uploaded to the Kick: Live Streaming TikTok account.

Dexerto reached out to VVeoko shortly after his tweet went live, and he revealed that he was considering moving to Kick for his live streams full-time before the incident.

“Streaming on Kick was an option for me, considering the better revenue split. I could potentially make more money as a creator in a field that doesn’t generate much revenue,” he told us.

“They never paid me a dime for any promotion on their platform and never contacted me about working together to promote anything.”

“It’s disappointing to believe in a platform, only to be used for their own gain.”

Neither Kick nor Trainwreck has responded to the issue brought up by VVeoko, but we’ll be sure to update this article if they do.

VVeoko isn’t the first creator to hit out at the budding platform recently. An OnlyFans model recently claimed that a Kick staff member has been “targeting egirls” on the site.