Kick streamer reveals “life changing” money they’ve made already since leaving Twitch

Kick logo surronded by dollars laid outUnsplash/Kick

A Kick streamer has revealed the “life-changing” amount of money he’s made already since making the switch from Twitch, noting just how long it would take him to make the same amount over there.

Over the last few years, several livestreaming platforms have challenged Twitch’s dominance as the biggest website out there. Though, some, such as YouTube, have lasted longer than the likes of Mixer and actually put up a respectable fight even if they haven’t made too many inroads. 

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While Twitch remains the biggest platform out there, it is facing a challenge from the upstart, Stake-backed platform of Kick, as a number of streamers have already made the jump over there. Some creators are even splitting time between both with “non-exclusive” deals. 

Kick is offering streamers a much larger split in sub revenue – with streamers getting 95% on Kick compared to only 50% on Twitch.

Former Twitch streamer reveals just how much they’ve made on Kick already

That massive difference was highlighted by former Twitch streamer Ac7ionMann, as he revealed the “life-changing” amount of money that he’d made in his time on Kick. 

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“Shout out  @Trainwreckstv and @KickStreaming for making the payments process smooth,” he said, showing off his payment of $38,000 from Kick. “You would need 16k subs on Twitch for this. This is around 7k subs on Kick.

“This is literally life-changing,” the streamer added, urging others to follow him in making the switch in platforms as well. 

Plenty of commenters congratulated the streamer on his success, but a few did question if he did have a headstart given he had around 700k followers on Twitch previously. 

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The discoverability for new streamers – especially through Clips – is something Trainwreck has bigged up as another advantage over Twitch. Though, we’ll just have to see if that continues on in a similar fashion to this.

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