TikToker calls out VorosTwins for stealing her jokes

Dylan Horetski
Marie Pax Voros Twins

A TikToker by the name of Marie.Pax has called out the VorosTwins, also known as the “Da Vinky Twins,” for stealing several of her jokes to use in their own videos.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, sometimes creators find themselves in a situation where others “steal” their content and reuse it as their own.

This is the case for TikToker Marie.Pax, who posts “a joke a day” on her channel. On August 15, Marie found out that the Da Vinky Twins had used her jokes in their own videos.

Not only did they use her jokes, but they also reused her videos without proper credit. This prompted the TikToker to call them out in a video.

TikToker calls out VorosTwins for stealing her jokes

On August 15, Marie replied to a comment explaining that they think the Da Vinky Twins stole her joke.

“I was a different person before I read this comment an hour ago. I was at peace, serene even. But now, I’m feeling devious. Three days ago I posted this, and then the twins posted this. They didn’t just steal my joke but they also stole my picture?” She revealed.

“I drew this, and this is my pen! They blocked me to prevent me from seeing their videos.”

Marie went on to reveal that she found another video they stole seven months ago as well, and they apologized at that time.

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The vorostwins left a comment on the call out with an apology: “We’re sorry! We make no $ from TikTok % we just want to make sure ppl laugh, we should have gave you credits, we took the video down. genuinely sorry!”

Marie responded, revealing that she found a third video that was stolen by the twins. She also called them out for not deleting their video with her song in it from their Twitter page.

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They went on to delete their comment as well, which has left Marie and hundreds of other users confused about the whole situation.