TikToker accused of doing blackface in viral TikTok dancing video

TikToker accused of doing blackface in viral dancing videoTIKTOK: britneysinh

A TikToker has been accused of doing blackface after appearing with darkened skin in a viral dance video.

Content creator Britney Sinh captured a screen recording of two women dancing in a college dorm. One of them appeared to have darkened her skin. The original clip was posted by Sydni Meadows, whose account is now private.

In Britney’s video, she edits a close-up shot of Sydni dancing, and then at the end of the stitched clip turns the camera to herself to show a shocked reaction. The video has over 197,000 views and over 36,000 comments.

Many TikTok users are now accusing the student of wearing blackface, saying they were shocked by how dark the college student’s skin tone looked.

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TikToker accused of doing blackface in viral video

Most commenters under Britney’s video expressed their shock about the TikToker’s tan.

“I had the same expression when I saw,” one commented. “I had to bring my phone to my face to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing,” another user wrote.

“Ain’t no way” a third added. “It’s giving Leather catchers mitt left in the sun to wither.”

Others implied that Sydni’s tan was dark enough to be considered blackface, which is when a non-black person darkens their skin to appear black and has roots in racist 19th-century minstrel shows.

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“I’m scared, they’re shapeshifting out here,” one user wrote.

“Why do they think they look better like that??? Like where did they ever get that idea,” another commented. “Literally no way she can say it’s just a tan.”

“Isn’t this considered blackface? Like that’s literally a hate crime omg,” someone else said.

At the time of writing, the two dancing college students have yet to respond to the backlash.