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TikTok users freak out as scientist goes viral with huge human bone collection

Published: 14/Aug/2021 17:35

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


TikTok user ‘Jon-Jon’ (@jonsbones) has gone viral with his extensive collection of human cartilage. The Osteologist (studier of bones) showed off his “pride and joy” to almost half-a-million followers. Viewers have freaked out at the video, with one calling him a “white man who owns minorities’ bones.”

Whether explicit, scary or downright gross, TikTok users love a weird trend! NYC-based bone trader ‘Jon’ has been attracting thousands of viewers with his morbidly curious videos.

Prior to August 12, Jon’s Bones have been relegated to their small corner of the internet with a loyal cult following. When Twitter user Alex Peter shared the video, however, over one-million fresh faces found themselves intrigued.


The TikTok generated mixed feelings among viewers. A lot of them displayed concern with the legitimacy of the bone trading game.

How many bones does Jon own?

The viral video showed an array of human skulls, spines and even several full-body skeletons. While he hasn’t addressed exactly how many bones are in his collection, Jon certainly has enough to fill an entire room!

According to the man himself, the rarest additions to his back-catalogue include a fetal skull and a skeleton dating back to 1910.

Jon stated that he doesn’t find the bones “disgusting” and we should start to “de-stigmatise” bone ownership.

JonsBones viral human bones TikTok
Instagram: jonsbones
Jon owns his own bone-trading company in NYC

Twitter users took offense

Over 900 people replied to Alex’ Tweet, with 7,665 users expressing their opinions via quotes. “Saying he’s sketchy is an understatement,” one user wrote. “I’m a trained bioarcheologist. I’ve assisted in autopsies… you know what I’ve never done? Owned human remains,” said another.


“This dude seems nice,” one user Tweeted. “But what the f**k?”

Check out Jon’s TikTok for more morbid content!