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TikTok star Lauren Kettering apologizes after filming dog with head stuck in a jar

Published: 8/Mar/2021 21:03

by Virginia Glaze


Popular TikTok creator Lauren Kettering has released an apology after uploading a video of her dog with its head stuck in a jar — a clip that many critics are labeling as “animal abuse.”

Lauren Kettering is a fairly big name on TikTok, boasting over 6.2 million followers and over 300 million likes on the viral video app, alone. While her usual dancing content is generally well-received by her fans, one of her latest (and now-deleted) videos is causing quite a stir online.

The video in question showed her dog with its head stuck in a treat jar, who is seemingly unable to get it off on its own. Rather than helping her dog out, Kettering instead films the situation and laughs, captioning the clip: “Watch until the end LMFAO.”


This video has caused many critics to speak out against Kettering, who have accused her of animal abuse for recording the situation instead of helping out her pup right away, with some noting that the dog may have suffocated in such a predicament.

Lauren Kettering dog screenshot TikTok
Instagram: Lauren Kettering
A now-deleted video from TikTok star Lauren Kettering is causing an uproar online, which shows her pup with its head stuck in a jar.

“Lauren Kettering is disgusting and an animal abuser,” one user said of the situation.

“Lauren Kettering’s video made me so sick,” another wrote.

“Poor puppy, it couldn’t breathe!” yet another commented.

Lauren Kettering dog comments
Instagram: TikTokRoom
Commenters were not happy with Lauren Kettering’s dog video.

Kettering has since uploaded an apology video, explaining that her dog had gotten its head stuck in the jar on its own and stating that she did not put it in the container, as some viewers speculated.


“He does it himself,” she said. “I would never put anything over his head, and Geo took it off right after. It was only for the clip that you guys saw, and we threw it away to the trash chute at that time, to where he can’t get it.”

The TikToker also posted a written apology to her Instagram Stories, stating that her dog will often poke its head into the treat jar and that her video was cut short, not including the moment where the container was removed.

lauren kettering instagram response
Instagram: Lauren Kettering
Kettering apologized in a live stream as well as an Instagram stories post, claiming that her dog often pokes his head in the treat jar.

Kettering claimed that her puppy is currently going to training classes, and stated that his “attention span” still needs work — but it doesn’t look like her critics are happy with her explanation, as evidenced by scathing comments left underneath the video on Instagram tea pages who are calling for the TikToker to exercise more responsibility with her animals.