TikTok star Emilyzugay roasts “bad” Spotify Wrapped designs with her own ‘ugly’ take

tiktok-emilyzugay-spotify-ugly-designInstagram: Emily Zugay / Spotify

TikTok star Emilyzugay, who went viral in September 2021 after companies used her “ugly” versions of their logos, roasted Spotify Wrapped’s designs by making them even worse.

Spotify Wrapped, a viral marketing campaign that has taken place in December every year, provides users with a summary of their data over the past year. It also lets them share it on social media as a means to advertise the platform.

However, users criticized the design choices used this year, claiming the font looked “ugly” and was “agitating” to read. Some believe it was done intentionally to elicit a reaction, while others think it was an oversight.

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Either way, it became a huge talking point. TikTok star Emilyzugay, who went viral after companies used her comically “ugly” designs, weighed in on the debacle and roasted the designs by making some ‘improvements.’

Spotify users had mixed feelings about the font used in the 2021 Spotify Wrapped campaign.

“The amount of people who have tagged me in this and asked me if I did it,” said Emily. “Do you really think I would let this slide?

“This legibility is pretty bad. I get it. I’m here to help. I just can’t believe that you guys would think that I’d do something like this.”

Emily added her own touches to the colors and spacing on the designs, making them hilariously worse. “I kept the colors. Fixing the spacing issue was pretty simple. The letters were too far apart,” she explained.

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“This is what I was made to do. I’m good. Here’s a side-by-side comparison so you can see how much of an improvement mine was.”

Emily’s post has drawn almost 4 million views, 500,000 likes, 5,000 shares, and 2000 comments since it was uploaded.

She feels pretty good about the ‘improvements’ and hopes the company will consider her for next year’s campaign. “Maybe next year Spotify!” she said.