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TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio’s favorite content creator might surprise you

Published: 10/Apr/2020 12:12

by Jacob Hale


TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio has revealed a surprising choice for who her favorite content creator is – and it’s not her little sister Charli!

Charli D’Amelio has over 40 million followers on TikTok, making her the most-followed account on the platform, and while Dixie is obviously a huge supporter of her younger sister, she’s revealed that her favorite creator isn’t even a TikTok native – but can be found on YouTube instead.

Dixie herself has amassed almost 20m followers on the platform, more than how much the YouTuber has, and her choice might be somewhat controversial due to their previous interactions in the past.

Instagram: dixiedamelio
Dixie is a huge creator in her own right, but clearly still has time to see the great stuff her peers are putting out.

While filming her first-ever Twitter Q&A for a YouTube video, one of the questions asked of Dixie is who her favorite creator is, and she doesn’t hesitate in saying that she’s actually a huge fan of Cody Ko.

She said: “He actually roasted my Dad in one of his podcasts, but he’s still my favorite. He makes me laugh, I think he’s very funny, I’ve watched him forever.”

The choice is controversial purely for the reason she says: back in December, Cody Ko roasted her father in a podcast, saying he’s “the weirdest Dad on TikTok” for a perhaps-too-open video he posted at the start of November.

(Timestamp 3:02 for mobile viewers)

More recently, Cody Ko took aim at the entire Hype House – a collective of TikTok stars including Dixie, Charli, as well as the likes of Chase Hudson and Addison Rae – calling their content “cringe.”

This doesn’t seem to have swayed Dixie’s opinion of him, and clearly remains a huge fan of his funny content to this day despite what could have certainly been drama between the two parties.

It would definitely be interesting to see the two create videos together, especially given the history between them, but it’s safe to say Cody might not be up for it.


Twitch streamer fails miserably trying to help a thirsty dog

Published: 27/Oct/2020 15:49

by Alice Hearing


Dogs are adorable intelligent animals, but any owner of a pup knows that they can also be especially dumb – and hilarious.

When IRL Twitch streamer CookSux saw a chained up dog while walking around Gyeongsan, South Korea, he wanted to help. Except, it turned out to be a huge failure.

Out of the goodness of his heart on a sunny day, this streamer decided to put the last of his water from his bottle into the dog’s bowl.

Initially, it seemed as though the dog wanted food or water as it held its bowl in its mouth and wagged its tail as the streamer approached. The dog kept pacing back and forth, as CookSux said to viewers he thought it was afraid of the lawnmower.

Twitch streamer cooksux instagram
Instagram: CookSux
CookSux couldn’t believe it when the dog tipped the bowl over

At first, the streamer tried to pour the water into its mouth, while the dog seemed to lap it up but seemed more interested in other things.

Cooksux decided to give the dog a little treat instead, despite viewers in the comments telling him to pour the water in the bowl.

But the dog didn’t seem to want a snack either, continuing to pace around with the bowl as the streamer shouted “You dummy!” and threw little bits of food at the ground so he could eat.

However, clearly this dog was feeling more playful than thirsty. As soon as CookSux was able to pour water into the bowl, the dog immediately flipped it over with its paw, grabbed the whole thing with its mouth, and carried it around like a brand new toy.

Defeated and frustrated, CookSux stared at the camera holding the empty water bottle, before shouting at the viewers saying “You don’t know what to do with these dogs, you don’t know sh*it.”

At the time of writing the Twitch clip now has more than 19,000 views, more than double the views of the original stream.