WillNE explains what happened after seizure at Cody Ko & Noel Miller show

YouTube: WillNE

British YouTuber Will ‘WillNE’ Lenney stunned fans after sharing a shocking story about the first time he met fellow creators Cody Ko and Noel Miller, explaining that he suffered a seizure while sitting in the crowd at a recent Tiny Meat Gang show.

Tiny Meat Gang is the name given to Ko and Miller’s musical duo, and the pair recently brought their Global Domination tour to the UK and Ireland, before embarking down under and back to the United States. With two of YouTube’s biggest stars in town, it’s no surprise that WillNE and girlfriend Mia were invited to enjoy an evening, but as the Newcastle-born creator revealed, things didn’t go as he had planned.

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With the pair directed to the middle portion of the crowd, sitting directly in front of stage, it was almost impossible for Ko and Miller to miss what was going on when the YouTuber suffered from a seizure after fainting during the performance.

Cody Ko and Noel Miller backstage at an event.Instagram: noelmiller
Cody Ko and Noel Miller brought their Tiny Meat Gang tour to London, England.

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“I saw Tiny Meat Gang the other week,” Lenney explained in his latest episode of ‘This Week on the Internet’. “I went to Cody and Noel’s show, and I had a seizure.”

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Using clips from the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast and Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter’s What’s Good? show, Will gave fans a glimpse at what happened at the event in London.

According to their reports, Cody originally thought that Will had been involved in a fight and that someone was pulling his head back, calling into the crowd. He quickly realized that it was a seizure, and after the YouTuber came to and recovered, he was taken backstage to relax after his traumatic ordeal.

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As to why it happened, WillNE explained: “I don’t think I’ve actually talked about it on this channel before, but I’ve got a condition where I faint at [the sight of] blood. How it works, basically, is if I get stuck somewhere like a cinema, or it used to be bad in a classroom, and someone starts talking or showing gory stuff, I’m gone. I can feel it building up, and then it’s lights out.”

(Clip starts at 9:19 for mobile users)

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The 23-year-old went on to reveal that Noel Miller was talking about an operation at the moment he fainted and that before last year this issue hadn’t raised its head “in ages,” saying that he’s been ringside at boxing matches and “brutal” UFC cards and been fine, but Noel discussing medical procedures was too much for him, and out he went.

To make things worse, when he came back around, Cody Ko recognized him, with the Brit joking: “What a first impression!”

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Thankfully, WillNE was fine and went backstage for a little bit before going home to recover. The YouTuber has taken the ordeal in good spirits, laughing it off, but it’s unlikely that Cody Ko and Noel Miller will ever forget the first time they met him.

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