TikTok star Avani angry as her account is mysteriously deleted

avani greggInstagram: avani

Avani is one of the biggest names on TikTok, amassing 18 million followers on the platform, but now it appears that her account has been mysteriously deleted for seemingly no reason.

Update: April 30 – Avani’s TikTok account has come back and appears to be back to how it was.

Several stars have been born from TikTok, including the likes of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, with Charli alone having over 50m followers on the platform, and Avani has been on the rise with her peers throughout the platform’s growth.

Now, though, her account can’t be found on TikTok, and neither she pr her fans can seem to figure out why.

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Instagram: avani
Fans are devastated to see Avani’s TikTok account no longer active.

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Posting early in the hours of Wednesday, April 29, Avani simply tweeted asking “Why me?” and it quickly became clear what she was exasperated at.

Responding to her tweet, her millions of followers were asking why her TikTok account had been removed and showed no signs of life, with no videos, followers or likes to be seen.

It’s not quite clear whether this shows that the account has been deleted (as some of the information, including username and bio, are still there) or something else has happened.

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In a follow-up Tweet, Avani said it “just hurts” and is another reason for her to cry.

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One fan theorized that Avani had actually been hacked, claiming that it’s “the exact reason” why people should delete TikTok from their devices altogether.


Obviously there’s not yet any evidence that the missing account is a result of a hack, so this tweet may just be a shot in the wind. But, as someone with such a public persona, Avani being hacked could be an absolute nightmare if any private information was to be released.

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After the account went missing, Avani posted a series of unsettling tweets, including that she was having a panic attack, so hopefully her account can be recovered to give her some peace of mind. Dexerto has reached out to Avani for clarification.

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TikTok are yet to comment on why Avani’s account appears to have been deleted, but with multitudes of angry fans worldwide, they may want to figure out the problem sooner rather than later.