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TikTok star Arielle worries fans after claiming she’s been kidnapped

Published: 17/Nov/2020 19:15 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 21:37

by Virginia Glaze


Popular influencer Arielle has sent her fans into a frenzy after posting a concerning Tweet, claiming that she was kidnapped and placed into a mental institution without her consent.

UPDATE 11/17/2020: Arielle has since spoken out about the situation via her Instagram account, where she clarified that she is not “in a conversion camp.”

“Newport Academy isn’t abusing me,” she wrote. “The method of my transport was not connected to Newport at all. That was a different company.”

She likewise asked fans to “stop flooding Newport’s emails with threats” and revealed that she will “not be able to communicate further” until she is discharged from the facility in three months’ time.



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Original story is as follows:

Arielle — better known by her username ‘ari3llex1’ — is a relatively popular name across multiple social media platforms, most notably Instagram and TikTok, where she boasts a combined 360,000 followers due to her humorous videos and killer fashion sense.

However, Arielle has been absent from social media since late October, which some fans feel is a cause for concern, given her status as an internet icon.

After nothing but radio silence for nearly three weeks, Arielle made a comment that has stirred debate among her fans and critics, alike.


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The comment claimed that she was kidnapped from her home by unidentified men and placed into a mental health institution without her consent, which she stated is somewhere in the state of Connecticut. She also claimed that she will be forced to remain at the location for three months.


“GUYS!” she began. “I was taken from my house by these big men and they tied me up! I’m in a mental hospital and I stole a computer and I’m typing this. I’m somewhere in Connecticut. Idk what to do, this isn’t a joke!”

Considering her relative silence on social media for a number of weeks, this sudden, out-of-character comment has a number of fans concerned for her safety — although others aren’t too sure that it isn’t merely an elaborate a hoax.

“I really hope this isn’t a joke,” one user said of the situation. “If it isn’t, please don’t make jokes.”


“This better not be joke, it’s not funny at all,” another said.

A Twitter user has since claimed that Arielle’s parents were behind the alleged kidnapping, although these claims have yet to be verified. They have also claimed that a friend has tracked down her IP address from her recent activity, although her location has allegedly not been released due to purported privacy and legal purposes.

Fellow influencer Nick Davis has likewise come out with a similar story, claiming that Arielle was sent to the same mental institution he had been sent to in the past, which he identified as Newport Academy.


He likewise corroborated claims that Arielle’s parents were the ones responsible for sending her to the location, alleging that they are transphobic and that they hoped to “rehabilitate her.”

“She was taken against her will,” Davis alleged. “She shouldn’t be there. I honestly have no idea how to help her.”


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