TikTok prankster goes viral after covering parents’ entire kitchen in peanut butter

peanut butter tiktok video goes viralTikTok: corbinnmillet

A prankster is going viral on TikTok after pulling a jaw-dropping practical joke on his parents, covering their entire kitchen — and even their bathroom — in peanut butter.

‘Do it for the Vine’ is a phrase that has been phased out of common slang for years now, but the sentiment still holds up even after the death of the iconic short-form video app.

Having been effectively replaced by TikTok, users continue to pull off wild stunts in the hopes of going viral (although some of the more-dangerous antics are better left to the professionals).

The latest feat to take over the app comes from a TikToker named Corbin Millet, whose entire profile seems to be centered on pranking his parents.

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TikToker goes viral covering parents’ kitchen in peanut butter

While it’s not unusual to hear about covering someone’s room in wrapping paper or tin foil, for instance, Millet decided to turn things up to 11 and slathered his folks’ entire kitchen in creamy peanut butter.

Everything from the countertops to the cabinets and even the floors was coated with peanut butter (but luckily, he left the backsplash alone). His video recording the practical joke has racked up over 38 million views and over 4 million likes at the time of writing, garnering some shocked responses in the comments section.

(For those worried about food waste, not to worry; Corbin says the PB was eaten by his dogs.)

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However, that wasn’t the end of the ordeal. In a follow-up video, Corbin shared his dad’s reaction to the prank, although it’s unclear if it was scripted or not.

“Corbin!” his dad can be heard yelling before running up the stairs to confront his son. “You sick f*ck! We’re gonna get ants, you d*ckhead!”

Corbin has also covered his folks’ kitchen in tin foil, on top of other pranks like replacing their tea with hotdog water or switching their candles with glasses of milk. How he hasn’t been kicked out yet is anyone’s guess.

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