TikTok prankster Chribandz goes viral for pouring coffee on people in controversial prank

Sam Comrie
Chribandz Tik TokTik Tok

Strange TikTok trends are always emerging, but prankster Chribandz might be taking it too far with his latest “prank” to pour coffee over unsuspecting people. 

On TikTok, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to weird and wonderful trends. From Deja Vu and Bugs Bunny trends to peculiar food obsessions, there is always something around the corner.

Some users are taking trends to the extreme, with stunts like pretending to get arrested.

Another such bizarre ‘trend’, comes from TikToker Chribandz, now facing backlash as his controversial coffee prank isn’t sitting well with viewers.

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TikToker being arrested alongside policeTikTok: GageBills/Unsplash
TikTok trends are reaching bizarre heights.

Chaotic coffee prank is going viral

With only two videos on his profile at the time of writing, it’s Chribandz’s second upload that is causing a literal stir. The video in question features the prankster situated multiple floors above what seems to be a hotel or apartment lobby area.

Giggling in anticipation, the TikToker tips his coffee onto unaware pedestrians going about their day. The video has already amassed over 3 million views since going live on September 11.

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Unhappy viewers have already taken to Reddit to let off some steam: “They earned a punch in the nose.”

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Some viewers are concerned it could turn into something far dangerous like “maybe stones dropped on vehicles from overpasses” as Chribandz has yet to follow this bizarre video up.

As more concerning trends arise from TikTok, we hope more users can return to more “wholesome” content. 

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