Man reveals secret hack to trick waiters into thinking he’s tipping

Lauren Lewis
Man TikTok no tipping hack

A man took to TikTok to share an unusual hack he uses to trick waiters into thinking he’s tipping, leaving TikTok furious – but is it real?

In a video uploaded to TikTok, a man shared his unique strategy for tricking waiters into thinking that he’s tipping them, so that they think he’s “extra nice.”

The ‘trick?’ Ryan made a weird gesticulation with his fingers, moving them around in a motion that makes it seem as though he’s tipping. 

He claimed: “So, I’ll never tip at a coffee shop, but, when they flip the iPad around, I do this thing with my fingers where I kind of like, make it look like I’m pressing into the $1 but then I just use my middle finger to click on ‘no tip.’”

“Pretending to tip is more fun and you save a dollar,” he wrote in the video’s caption. 

After the video was posted however, not everyone found his ‘hack’ so useful. 

“They see the total?” one asked, clearly bemused. “Ummm, just hit ‘no tip’… they can see the total, and they know what the cost is without tip. This isn’t a trick,” another agreed. 

Others however, didn’t even think his ‘trick,’ was necessary: “I just hit no tip and then make direct eye contact. What are they going to tell me? Nothing.”

Some waiting staff were frustrated with the creator, writing: “I literally love your videos, but I’m a barista and tips at coffee shops aren’t new. You’re not punishing company’s for tipping culture by not tipping, just employees. This is such a shitty take.”

It appears, however, that the video’s creator, who regularly posts sketches on the platform, may have been pranking TikTok all along. He responded to one of the many angry comments telling him wait staff could see the total with: “Had no idea until now. Now I feel pretty silly.”

Another TikToker went viral after they revealed a hack for avoiding the dreaded wasted food fee at all you can eat buffets.

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