TikTok trend of being fake arrested criticized for bizarre viral videos

TikToker being arrested alongside policeTikTok: GageBills/Unsplash

TikTok users have started an unusual trend where they fake being arrested, but not everyone is best pleased by it.

For the longest time, videos on TikTok were all about showing off someone’s artistic skills. You’d regularly find talented singers, dancers, and artists with a few swipes.

Now, the video-sharing platform resembles Vine in its heyday, with a focus now being placed on skits and attempts at pranks that could see a video explode in views and ultimately go viral. 

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There have been plenty of strange trends over the last few months, but the newest – one where users are faking being arrested – has raised a few eyebrows of its own. 

TikTok loading page on a phone with a bright backgroundWikimedia Commons, Solen Feyissa
TikTok is a hotspot for viral trends and videos.

TikTok’s fake arrest trend

Pretending to get arrested is nothing new for the internet, it’s been a longtime prank, but it’s usually used to get a reaction out of a group of people. 

In this new trend, TikTokers are pretending to be arrested in private before turning around making glances at the camera – usually changing the whole vibe of the post. 

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Some of the posts have racked up a few million views, with some viewers believing it’s completely real, while others can’t believe that it’s not been outed as a fake. 

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There are others that are openly roasting the trend and taking shots at the TikTokers too. “The only crime they committed was this video,” said one viewer. “So, you just opened ur phone and thought this was okay to post,” added another.

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Some other viewers questioned how the videos had gone viral, given that there isn’t really a trend name or hashtag attached to it.

Screenshot via TikTok
TikTok comment sections have been full of posts mocking the videos.

As embarrassed as some viewers might be of the posts, they show no sign of stopping as the posts continue to stack up and achieve pretty big views. 

Who knows where it might go from here, but not everyone is falling for them.

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